Truffles of St Marychurch Chocolate Shop

Thank The Big Cuddly Bear For All This Delicious Chocolate!!

An enormous Chocolatey Truffles Bear Welcome To Our Website & Shop!!

We are sure you'll find something deliciously yummy scrummy and good for your tummy right here!!

If however you're struggling to choose ohh which ooh which, find what you're looking for, or just want to whisper in the naughty chocolate bears ear... give Truffles Bear a call on 01803 314845, as he'll do all he can to help you in your chocolatey plight!!   

Truffles Bears Chocolate shop is a small independent chocolate emporium, and we are Greg & Shelley, passionate foodies who just have to admit, we love food, but LOVE proper chocolate more!! 

Back in June 2012 we adopted a big cuddly bear called Truffles, and he told us that he, the World, and certainly quaint St.Marychurch needed a lavish & sumptuous chocolate shop!! He went on to say that it should sell a diverse range of delicious chocolates, that were fun, of distinction.... with some very seriously ones too!! 

Ohh he continued to say, and don't forget you must sell lots of fun chocolates for children with bear friends, delicious Fudge, some Soft Italian Nougat (Montellimar), Turkish Delight, & well....... there is more he said and maybe we'll share that with you later!!


Needless to say with his sticky Chocolatey Paw to our head, we had no option but to think seriously about finding a den suitable for Truffles Bear, which we lovingly refurbished before setting about sourcing chocolates made by local Devon & British Artizans, along with some sought after European & Worldly chocolates too!!

So after a complete transformation of the premises, and collecting fine chocolates we moved Truffles Bear into his new home & opened our shop, that being now way back September of 2012!!

Truffles Chocolate Bear has found his home, and all those who come to visit and buy chocolates most pleasing and is always most Welcoming to those he knows.... and gets quite excited to see new faces! He's insisted he never wants to leave, and so has become our bear mascot named Truffles as he loves them so much!! He's turned out to be quite a naughty resident too who awww....., always seems to have his paws in it being constantly up to mischief!!

Well, eating all this chocolate what else could we expect, but as he's so cuddly & adorable this just makes him all the more pawfectly lovable!!

Truffles ♡ Chocolates